April 14, 2022


An Act to Require Vaccines in Public Schools

A bill to mandate that every child who attends public school, kindergarten through 12th grade as well as every school staff member provide proof of vaccination against the Influenza virus and Covid-19.

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Emily Gracie

April 14, 2022, 6:29:19 PM

Health Sciences, Education, Rules and Regulations

Whereas the United States has been experiencing a pandemic for the last several years, and many citizens have decided to remain unvaccinated against the potentially fatal virus.


Glossary of Terms:

“Proof of vaccination” means a vaccination card signed by a medical professional or medical records from a primary care provider.

“Influenza” means an airborne virus in the family Orthomyxoviridae. This family represents enveloped viruses the genome of which consists of segmented negative-sense single-strand RNA segments.

“Covid-19” is a type of coronavirus, identified in 2019, that has caused a global pandemic of respiratory illness.

“Vaccine” means a substance synthesized to stimulate the production of antibodies, and provide immunity against one or several diseases.

“Public school staff” means any employee on the payroll of any given school district in Delaware.

“Public school” means any school funded by the government.

“Vaccine shortage” means any time that the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services determines that there are not sufficient quantities of any given vaccine relative demand

All students and staff in the public school system must provide proof of immunization against the Influenza virus and covid-19 in order to go to school. The aforementioned vaccinations will be required to be administered as the CDC advises, these time periods may change as research and information improve. Except in the case of vaccine shortages, students will be required to be vaccinated in these time periods, with a leeway of one month. This bill will be in accordance with Delaware code title 14 § 131 concerning exemptions due to religious beliefs. This bill will also allow for exemptions from required vaccinations based on physical health conditions.


Any student whose guardian has not submitted proof of vaccination within the time period allowed after a vaccine’s immunization effects have waned, will not be permitted to return to school in person


This bill will be enforced through the school nurses in all public and charter schools in the state of Delaware. Parents or guardians must submit proof of vaccination, or proof of exemption from vaccination to the school nurse.


An Act to Require Vaccines in Public Schools

will go into effect on

July 1, 2022, 4:00:00 AM

In the meantime all parents and guardians of Dealware students must be notified of this change in legislation and do their best to obtain vaccinations for their children.


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