July 2, 2021


Assembly Bill - To establish a class of Environmental Studies that is required to be graduated from any New York State High School.

Amend Article 17 of New York State Education Law by implementing Section 804-e in relation to implementing a Present Day Environmental Studies Class

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Aiden Genender

July 2, 2021, 12:38:44 AM

Environment, Education

Youth have been born in the midst of an unregulated and convenience based society that uses harmful amounts of nonrenewable resources, plastic and other wastes made from non compostable items. This class will give youth in their developing years ways to become more conscious and inform New York youth of their own footprint with easy ways to change their lives for a more environmentally friendly New York.


Glossary of Terms:

Environment - means the physical conditions which include land, air, water, minerals, flora and fauna.

Semester - a half-year term in a school or college, typically lasting twenty weeks.

Mandatory class - a course needed to be graduated from All/Any New York State High School(s) (with a passing grade of 65 and above)

High School Education - Education between grades ninth to twelfth grade

All/Any New York State High School(s) - Public and Private high schools including ninth to twelfth.

Commissioner - New York State Commissioner of Education

1. All New York State High Schools shall be authorized to include, as a required a one semester course to be graduated from any New York State High School. Students will receive one half credit (.5 credit) toward graduation requirements after full completion of a one semester Present-day Environmental Studies course. 2. Instruction regarding: a. Substitutes of environmentally harmful substances used in everyday life, and other ways to live with the environment in mind. b. A brief knowledge of the scientific effects on humans and humans’ impact on the environment; and, c. Concepts in sustainability 3. The commissioner may prescribe regulations requiring that teachers teaching the course will have training commensurate with the course curriculum. 4. The New York State Education Department will create a curriculum most relevant to today's environment.


In the event that this bill is not followed, then schools will be fined by the state on varying degrees depedning on the size of the school, the length of time that this has bill has been violated, and previous infractions


Schools will be checked prior to the beginning of every school year to ensure that they are providing this class.


Assembly Bill - To establish a class of Environmental Studies that is required to be graduated from any New York State High School.

will go into effect on

September 1, 2022, 4:00:00 AM

The September of the 2022-2023 school year (first semester), to provide time for teachers to be trained to be able to teach this class sufficiently and to provide schools time to find said teachers