July 7, 2021


Equal STEM Opportunities for All Bill (Assembly)

A bill to require state and community college institutions to provide mentoring programs designed to focus on growing high school student character and opportunity, while decreasing the distance of accomplishment between students of differing socioeconomic status and region. Programs will be research oriented and focused on growing scientific passion of students while providing equal chances for students to grow an impressive resume and have strong credentials when moving forward into the field of STEM.

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Batradz Djikkaity #0336

July 7, 2021, 2:54:02 PM


This bill is needed to combat the injustice facing predominately poor communities and school districts, while elevating families including immigrants and others who face discrimination and unfair, un-American challenges related to lack of opportunity. Some areas like NYC and Bay Area have internship opportunities galore, while less well off areas suffer not only from lack of quality of life, but lack of opportunity to move out. The stigma of laziness and lack of intelligence holding back poor individuals is a barrier that must be broken with the opportunities provided by the bill. The huge amount of money spent in umemployment can partially be transferred into this relatively inexpensive program. In addition to developing strong STEM oriented students for our future, we will be defeating the class barriers in our country, creating greater unity.

In addition this bill will stimulate community interaction in adults, namely college students, by providing community service hours or possibly paid service. This helps with resumes and provides teaching and researching experience for students majoring in STEM, while also opening the door for teaching majors.


Glossary of Terms:

  • If funding is not sufficient, it can be obtained by raising the tax on corportations a fraction of a percentage, OR reallocating tax income or increasing efficiency of expenditure of taxpayer revenue.
  • The NYS budget for 2021-2022 "Restores of $72 million in operating aid cuts to SUNY and CUNY." The budget is enough to not create problems or worry about the financial side of this program.
  • https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/articles/2021/alessandra-biaggi/2021-2022-new-york-state-budget-breakdown
  • Funding will only be required for a minimal incentive for program mentors in addition to providing the program free of charge for students falling beneath a certain bracket of income.
  • New York State will provide satisfactory funding to public and comunity institutions at a collegiate level to open mandatory programs for students from surrounding school districts. The college will be required to create a program consisting of collegiate/internship level research that will intellectually stimulate participants.
  • Program will be reviewed and preapproved by state minimum 9 months before beginning of program.
  • Instructor of program will recieve participants and determine funding required, which will be requested with documentation of participants. Once verified, appropriate funding will be distributed to minimize or eliminate costs to participants. Once participants are verified, they will be grouped with matriculated students.
  • Advertise in neighboring school districts; will provide transportation



Future supervision may be required for institutions that show poor levels of organization in addition to fines depending on severity of negligence.


Bill will be enforced by financial incentive. Conditions of bill might be broken by a lack of competence, negligence, or ill will. This can be prevented by the requiring the returning of funding and consequences for instituions director will deter any of the aforementioned threats.


Equal STEM Opportunities for All Bill (Assembly)

will go into effect on

July 31, 2021, 4:00:00 AM

All state, public, and community research institutions must be notified of necessary steps and requirements of creating program.