Legislate is a virtual platform in which students can upload legislation they have created themselves. If legislation gains traction on the platform, Team Legislate will connect you and your idea with a representative in your state so your voice is heard. 


Through storytelling and citations, the Team Legislate community can stay constructive and productive.




  1. Share links to drafts on social media that you feel passionately for or against. The more voices heard and more feedback writers get, the better Team Legislate can get a sense of whether an idea is worth promoting to your local representatives.

  2. Start by introducing yourself. Explain to the writer how you identify yourself (race, gender, political leaning, etc). 

  3. Start with a story. Team Legislate is a supportive and constructive environment. Testimonies and stories are a stronger way to share thoughts while also providing writers with a perspective on why you feel a certain way about a bill.

  4. Cite facts. Give links to articles from reliable sources in order to help writers learn more about the issue.

Spam and hate will not be accepted by Team Legislate.