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Michael Del Sesto

Co-Founder, Chief Innovations Officer

Michael Del Sesto Dartmouth ’23 is studying engineering sciences and neuroscience at Dartmouth College. His interests in cognitive neuroscience and decision making lead him to pursue a venture in public policy and legislation. In high school, he represented Rhode Island at the American Legion’s Boys and Girls Nation seminar in which he drafted legislation with student representatives from all fifty states, worked with Rhode Island’s State Senators, and met with the Vice President of the United States. Michael is interested in finding ways in which doctors and other healthcare workers can advocate for their patients through public health policy. Michael is a designer at the DALI Lab, a student-run software development team at Dartmouth, working on My Brain Explained, a cognitive neuroscience software that acts as an academic and career coach.

Juncheng Quan

Executive Officer

Juncheng Quan is a Government major at Cornell University on the Pre-Law track. Having been introduced to policy making through student programs such as Rhode Island Model Legislature, he became passionate about civics education and creating actionable change in his community. One of the most impactful experiences in Juncheng's life was representing his home state at the American Legion's Boys Nation program. Along with delegates from all fifty states, he drafted mock legislation and had the opportunity to discuss ideas with US Senators and meet the Vice President of the United States. In the past few years, Juncheng has also had the privilege to serve as the State President of RI Future Business Leaders of America, intern in a local mayor's office, and introduce voting policies as a student senator his freshmen year in college. Outside of Team Legislate, Juncheng enjoys spending time with friends, playing the harmonica, and learning different languages.

Zhoucai Ni

Vice-President Technology

Zhoucai is currently an undergraduate at Dartmouth College from Southwest Florida. He is currently pursuing a Computer Science major modified with Engineering.

Abigail Diaz

Vice President of Research

Abigail Diaz, University of Delaware ’24, is pursuing a major in nursing and a minor in public health. Her aspirations include reducing health disparities, advocating for women's rights, and advancing the nursing practice and management. Her interest in research and policymaking began during her involvement in her state's YMCA Youth in Government conference where she drafted mock legislation and debated on various topics. She was even granted the opportunity to represent her home state at the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs. Outside of Team Legislate, she is Event Coordinator for her Filipino Student Association and Communication Coordinator for the Capital District Circle-K. During her free time, she enjoys weightlifting, playing guitar, and sightseeing with friends.

Sara Norris

Director of Communications

I am a Business Administration major pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Global Business at Boston University. I am a creative thinker, passionate about helping others and interested in marketing and entrepreneurship. Besides being involved with Team Legislate, I am Vice President of Marketing for the Freshman Slate in the Questrom School of Business, co-Music Director of the A Capella Group "Aural Fixation," an Admissions Ambassador and a member of Best Buddies. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, reading and exploring Boston in search of the best soup dumpling!

Thomas Fenaroli


I’m Thomas Fenaroli, a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College from Greenwich, Connecticut. As of now, I plan on majoring in computer science and economics. When I’m not busy with work, I enjoy golfing, running, music, and a bunch of outdoor activities.

Madison Gothberg

Co-Founder, Chief Legal Officer

Madison Gothberg Merimack ‘21 will graduate from Merrimack College’s Honors Program with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Criminology, and a Pre-Law minor. Madison is an aspiring law student who will be gaining experience in the legal field upon graduation. She had the privilege of interning at the Lawrence Court Service Center in Massachusetts this past fall. She worked one-on-one with litigants to assist them in filling out Court forms. Additionally, Madison interned at Tom Ford Law, a workers' compensation law firm, in Rhode Island. She individually composed a case memorandum that was presented to the presiding Judge by Attorney Ford. Madison was also a Division 1 collegiate varsity cross country and track and field athlete.

Thomas Clark

Technology Advisor

Thomas Clark Dartmouth '22  is a Computer Engineer in the Dartmouth Class of 2022. He is passionate about solving problems creatively, and breaking down barriers of entry into math and science. His academic interests are in web development and firmware design. Thomas works as a tutor and learning fellow on Dartmouth's campus, and will spend the summer interning in software engineering at Arista Networks.

Ally Migdol

Vice-President Marketing

Ally Migdol Boston University ‘24 is studying Business Administration with a dual concentration in Marketing and Global Business. She is interested in digital creation, social media work, and marketing analytical research. At Boston University, Ally is a content committee member of the marketing club and a Hillel Communications Intern. She also enjoys rowing, baking, and spending time outdoors with friends!

Ryan Yong


My compassion drives me to actively learn new things to help make the world a better place than before. In my free time, I enjoy brewing coffees and teas, hanging out with friends and family, and playing games.

Fahnmusa Edwards


I am going into my sophmore year at MIT. I have really taken an interest in computer science and plan to major in it. I was born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida.

Alessandro Iaia-Hernandez

Director of Outreach

My name is Alessandro Iaia, and I am a first generation Mexican-Italian American who truly believes that the impact of change begins at the citizen level. Ever since I was young I have always held a particular interest in understanding what I can do to helps those around me, whether it be through trivial activities such as holding doors for people, or more complex actions, such as establishing nonprofits to defend the interests of people who regularly face oppression.
My personal ambition is to serve those around me, which is why in university I am studying international relations and economy, as I am confident that in gaining a more global understanding of our world and its economic systems, I can better support my goal.

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